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Eat! Sleep!

WOD! Repeat!!

WOD 16.11.2022

  • HS progression
  • Wrist warm up
  • shoulder warm up
  • Train HS-lifts 4×5. Try getting to handstand against the wall, with only a light touch with your feet. Then try to keep optimal HS-position for 10 seconds.
  • Partner WOD YGIG

with two barbells

30 hang power cleans, when resting hold the bar in hang 60kg/40kg

30 front squats, when resting hold the bar in rack position 60kg/40kg

if the barbell drops both have to stop doing the reps.

30 weighted sit ups 10kg/5kg keep your legs tied together and alternate reps

30 cal row

600m run, both run