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Eat! Sleep!

WOD! Repeat!!

WOD 5.12.2022

  • HS progression
  • Wrist warm up
  • shoulder warm up
  • HS against the wall 4x24s, perfect hand stand position is your goal, keep your toe nails and nose on the wall, nothing else.
  • Partner WOD YGIG

0:00-3:00 min

15 cal row

20 T2B

Max reps Clean 60kg/40kg


1 min rest


4:00-7:00 min

15 cal row

20 ring dips

Max reps OHS 60kg/40kg


1 min rest


8:00-11:00 min

15 cal row

20 box jumps

max reps thrusters 60kg/40kg


1 min rest


12:00-15:00 min

15 cal row

20 burpees

max reps  back squats 60kg/40kg