Täyden palvelun Crossfit-sali Porvoossa

Eat! Sleep!

WOD! Repeat!!


WOD 10.6.2023

A1) HS Against the box 3x12s

B1) Partner assisted Ring MU or Ring Row Mu 5×5

  • Partner WOD

50 partner rope jumps, niinkuin speden speleissä

20m + 20m wheelbarrow walk

50m + 50m partner carry

20 high five push ups, every time you push up, high five with your partner.

50 wall balls alternating 9kg/6kg

40 alternating box overs 60cm/50cm

WOD 9.6.2023

A1) Box squat, (lantion ojennus) 3x5x75%.

A2) One leg bounces 3x(6+6)

A3) High box jump 3×5

A4) Push ups with rubber band 3×6

B1) 3 rounds for quality

3 bar Mus


10 sitting leg raises

6 hindu squats

20s HS hold

WOD 8.6.2023

A1) Weighted dip 3x5x30´40%

A2) push ups 3×8

A3) DB shoulder press 3×20

B1) Tsipperi

50 DU

12 T2B

50 DU

12 C2B

50 DU

12 pull ups

50 DU

12 kettlebell swings 32kg/20kg

WOD 7.6.2023

A1) Front Squats 4x3x85%

B1) 12 min EMOM

ODD 8 deadlifts @ 70% of 1RM

EVEN 10 ring dips/ ring push ups

WOD 6.6.2023

45 min PK

1600m machine

10 Z-presses, light shoulder press lattialla istuen jalat suorana

10 toes to fingers, against the wall

10 sots press with broom stick

10 ring rows

30s hang from the pull up bar

30s ABH

30s HBH

1600m machine

30+30s side plank

100 rope jumps

WOD 5.6.2023

A1) Split jerk 3x1x80%, 3x1x85%

B1) 3 rounds for time, time cap 6 min

20/15cal cal row

15 wall balls 9kg/6kg

if you finish before time cap rest 2 min and continue to next set

3 rounds for time, time cap 6min

20 cal air bike

15 pull ups

WOD 3.6.2023

A1) Split jerk 6x1x80%

B1) 3 rounds for time

12 alternating dumbbell snatches 22,5kg/15kg

15 cal row

10 box jumps 60cm/50cm

10 push ups


WOD 2.6.2023

  • HS Against the wall 5x60s
  • Partner assisted Ring MU or Ring Row Mu 4×5
    • Partner WOD YGIG

    10 partner deadlifts 160kg/120kg

    20 syncro T2B

    30 partner over burpees

    10+10 clusters 50kg / 35kg

    20 weighted sit ups with partner 10kg/5kg

    100m partner carry

    40cal Airbike

WOD 1.6.2023

Speed work, rest at least 2 min between sets

A1) Power clean 3x4x6%

A2) Bulgarian jump 3x(5+5)

A3) drop jump 3×4

A4) explosive push press 3x5x60%

B1) 21-15-9

Floor press 50kg/35kg

rengas punnerrus


WOD 31.5.2023

A1) Weighted dip 5x2x80%

B1) 12 min EMOM

  • 8 front squats @64% of 1RM
  • 10 banded good mornings
  • 14 side squats alternating