Täyden palvelun Crossfit-sali Porvoossa

Eat! Sleep!

WOD! Repeat!!


WOD 18.5.2023

45 min PK

PK 45 min

100 rope jumps

30s plank hold

30+30s side plank hold

20s active hang

2+2 TGU, light kb

10 goblet squats

1600m machine

10 ring rows

10+10 standing hip rotations


WOD 17.5.2023

A1) Weighted dip 5x3x60%

B1) 10 min EMOM

3 back squats 100kg/75kg

6 pull ups

WOD 16.5.2023

A1) jerk behind the neck 4x3x75%

B1) Split jerk 4x3x75%

C1) 3 rounds

5 pass throughs

10 alternating kettle bell snatches 24kg/16kg

10 alternating kettlbell squat cleans

10  ring dips

WOD 15.5.2023

  • HS Against the wall 4x60s
  • Partner assisted Ring MU or Ring Row Mu 5×4
  • Partner WOD

15 min AMRAP with partner

20 alternating Wall balls 9kg/6kg

20m farmers carry, single kettlebell 32kg/24kg

10  synchro burpees

20 pull ups

20 floor press 60kg/40kg

WOD 13.5.2023

A1) Shoulder press 3x5x45kg/30kg

A2) Push press 3x10x45kg/30kg

A3) Push jerk 3xmax reps 45kg/30kg

A1-A3 done as super sets (no rest between movements) rest between sets

B1) 3 rounds for quality

3 bar Mus

10 pistol squats

10 natural leg extensions

10 sitting leg raises

WOD 12.5.2023

  • HS Against the wall 3x60s
  • Partner assisted Ring MU o r Ring Row Mu 4×4
  • Partner WOD

10 rounds with partner YGIG

5 deadlifts 100kg’/75kg

14 push ups

22 DUs

400m row

WOD 11.5.2023

Speed Work, rest 2 min between rounds

A1) hang power clean 3x4x60%

A2) one leg box jumps 3x(4+4)

A3) banded push ups 3×6

A4) explosive v-ups

B1) 10 min AMRAP

HS Walk 10m

8 devils presses 2×22,5kg / 2x15kg

40 DU

WOD 10.5.2023

  • Front Squats 5x5x75%
  • 21-15-9

push press 50kg/30kg

kb swing 24kg/16kg

WOD 9.5.2023

PK 45 min

100 rope jumps

15 box step ups

30s HBH

30s AB
2000m machine

10 ring rows

10s hang at the top of the bar

10+10 Bulgarian squats

5+5 standing lever hip rotations

WOD 8.5.2023

Manantai 8.5.2023

A1) Weighted dip 3x5x50%

A2) ring push ups 3×8

A3) floor press 3×10

Do A1-A3 as a super set. Rest as needed after floor press

No rest between movements

B1) 10 min EMOM

10/8 cal row

10 sit ups